Soccer Wars Kits

“It is our mission to use the football jersey as a canvas to re-imagine existing sports identities”

What side of the force are you on? Soccer Wars Kits were designed by “Supporters. Pro”, a soccer shop that specializes in creating conceptual soccer kits and badges.

About Supporters. Pro

“Founded by Nerea Palacios and Daniel Nyari, Supporters.Pro is a collective of creatives who came together through their shared passion for football and design to challenge the possibilities of a democratized creative process. We believe that above all, football belongs to supporters. In an increasingly converging global football culture, fans deserve a larger voice in the formation and evolution of football iconography. Our mission is to encourage fans to participate in our creative process by sharing degrees of work stages all the way to voting on what products they would like to see us make.”

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Soccer Wars Kits

Soccer Wars