My Future Football Star

“It’s not only a book of baby names explained with football, but also your baby’s first shirt.”

Project Description:

“Choosing their baby’s name is one of the biggest challenges that parents face. Especially when the dad is obsessed with football and proposes names such as Mara Dona, Leo Messi or even España Campeón (Spain World Champions, as a first name. No kidding). “My future football star” is a book of baby names explained with football. A useful tool for indecisive parents containing more than 500 names of the most important football players of all time.

With a practical design, that splits the book into useful sections like: Names of world champions, Names of legendary 10’s or Names of players who finished high school. But more important, the book also includes sections with those names that any dad would like to avoid, like Names of players that spent their whole career sitting on the bench or Names of players who wasted all their fortune and more.”

Title: “My Future Football Star”

Contributors: Miguel Sousa, André Sousa Moreira, Marta Expósito,
Francisco Pancho Cassis, Sandra Cano-Ludeña Carrasco, Nicolas Gomez Cal.

Project Link: Behance Project

My future football star



zidane My future football star






My future football star


My future football star


My future football star

Personal Feedback:

A fun concept and a beautiful execution. The clean layout and the graphic language offsets the illustrations quite pleasantly. The perfect gift for football fans expecting a baby, but maybe they should add a disclaimer, something like — “Beware, naming your kid Ronaldo does not mean he will score a lot of goals!”