In English the game is commonly refer as table football (table soccer), foosball, footzy, bar football or kicker. In France we simply call it babyfoot (baby soccer). Babyfoot or Table football is a game that can be played with two individuals (singles), or with four people (doubles). The game includes 8 polls, which control the players. When the game is played with 4 players, one player usually controls the two defensive polls and the other team member uses the midfield and attack polls.

Here are a few foosball tables made of interesting material:

1) Kickpack Cardboard Foosball Table

The Kartoni is a regulation-sized foosball table, but it is also mobile, budget-friendly, and made from 100% renewable raw materials. It is quickly assembled without any glue, screws or tools, something I would have really appreciated in college.
Players are customizable with an interactive player generator found online. Additional the Kartoni table comes with a build-in smartphone holder, cup holders, wood handles, and a record player hooper for increased sound quality. More images available on


2) Anglo Teckell Foosball Table

The Angolo is a purely handcrafted foosball table made by Teckell, in Italy. This is a nice elegant piece with legs made of beautiful walnut wood, individually cut, polished and chromed accessories. The classy table is sold at a whooping PRICE of: $18,650.00 on Rare Culture. To learn more visit

Foosball Anglo Table

3) Concrete Foosball Table

Last, but not least is my favorit, a concrete foosball table called PANNA. Panna was designed for a Nike exhibition at 90sqm in Amsterdam celebrating the Air Max 90. After the exhibition, the table was unfortunately demolished in an accident on the way to a shop located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The table was designed by I HAVE POP, an internationally operating creative studio based in Amsterdam.
Concrete foosball Table