MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope everyone got cool gifts this year!
If not… here are some pretty awesome footy toys I wish I had.

1) The Puppet Master “Iniesta”

The Puppet Master “Iniesta” was designed by Coolrain, a designer who likes to bring the lifestyle and culture of young people into his 1/6(30cm) figures.

The Puppet Master Iniesta


In this particular piece the artist teamed up with Nike and Barca’s incredible midfielder, AndrĂ©s Iniesta to unveal the CTR360 Maestri III boot. Check out the stop motion video below of The Puppet Master “Iniesta” in action.


2) H9 Wood Toy

17inch wood footy toys created by Korean artist FENOMENO CHOI -H9- (Hokeun choi). Exhibited at the Ansan Danwon Museum.

Football wood toy

Football wood toy


3) Bison Soccer Player

The Bison Soccer Player is a paper toy designed by French graphic designer Guillaume aka Tougui (Tougui Website).

Click here to download the template and build your own Bison Soccer Player.