Do you like the camouflage kit? Well it’s back in the fashion world and back on the football pitch.

Most recently, the Italian team Napoli revealed their camo 3rd kit for the 2013/14 season. You may also remember Everton’s 2011/12 goalkeeper shirt that Tim Howard wore, or Partick Thistle grey and pink camo, and even FC St Pauli’s camo kit.

Camouflage Kit: (Napoli, Everton, Partick Thistle, and St Pauli)


The camouflage kit comes back on the scene, and as always causes some heated debates. Some people love the fashion statement, others simply can’t appreciate a pattern that is used in warfare.

In my opinion camo looks good when it’s executed properly. I find the Napoli kit to be a little too army green, but I do like the touch of blue on the collar and the green sleeves.

The most important aspect of camo design is the pattern. There are a lot of different camo styles ranging from organic patterns stemming from nature, to military engineered patterns; such as tiger camo, desert camo, digi camo… to name a few.

When designing a camo pattern into clothing the shapes must flow seamlessly. If you can easily notice repetition in the forms than it is likely a poor design. To test it out I hand drew the shapes bellow using a digital tablet and insert the final pattern into a kit. For Adobe Illustrator designers … Here’s a great how to create camouflage tutorial.

Here’s my Footy Design Camo Kit: