In this blackout Friday post I would like to introduce to you the work of Douglas Fisher, a photographer who started his journey with traditional advertising photography, and worked his way into 3D/CGI and Compositing images. If you’re not sure what the term compositing means than simply click on link, and have a look at the following images. You will notice how the Ronaldo’s face is substituted into the model’s face, this is the result of compositing images. The process of combining separate images into a single images. He uses the same techniques on Ribery, Drogba, and surrounding elements, such as background players, rain, fences… Overall, the technique is well executed, he takes care of the subtle details with great control. These football shots are very high in contrast and texture, which express a strong feeling of desire and passion. I’m sure that’s exactly what the client (Nike) wanted ;-)


Compositing photo

Blackout Friday:

Blackout Friday

Football Photography

Hope you enjoyed this post… Have a great weekend folks!