Aaron Ramsey Illustration

Lately, most of the attention has been set on the new Gooner Mesut Ozil, but another Arsenal man who deserves equal attention for his impressive start to the 2013-14 Premier League season is Aaron Ramsey, scoring his 7th goal in 8 matches this weekend! Check out this awesome Aaron Ramsey Illustration by British graphic designer Elliott Grubb, who currently lives and works in New York City as a Designer / Art Director.

Aaron Ramsey Illustration


“The illustration was used as part of a huge 2 week campaign across the uk, featuring on the cover of london news paper The Metro, full screen on the Adidas.co.uk homepage and was also given away in stores as a limited edition poster.” (anotherexample.net)

  • Ib Charneau

    Different but cool–and quite a start to the season!