Packaging plays an important role in brand marketing, it helps reinforce the brand’s visual identity and set it apart form its competitors. When a new boot is released a sample is sent to the media along with other press materials. To house all these materials and get the biggest outreach possible brands go out of their way to create elaborate packaging contraptions called press kits. This post showcases ten of the most creative boot packaging designs and press kits in the football world.

1. Umbro Medusae Pro

Umbro Medusae Pro Packagingsource link

2. Puma Powercat

Puma Powercat Packaging Designsource link

3. Nike Mercurial iD

Nike Mercurial iD Packaging Designsource link

4. Puma ‘Tricks’ World Cup Boots

Puma Tricks World Cup Packaging designsource link

5. Adidas Adizero F50

Adidas F50 Adizero Packaging Designsource link

6. Adidas Predator

Adidas Predator Creative Boots Packaging Designsource link

7. Nike Hypervenom

Nike Hypervenom Creative Packaging designsource link

8. Puma Evo

Puma Evo Packaging Designsource link

9. Nike CR7 Mercurial Superfly

Nike Mercurial iD Creative Boots Packaging Designsource link

10. Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho

Nike Tiempo-Ronaldinho Creative Boots Packaging Designsource link